Revamping One of the Best Asheville Bars

‘Mela’ is a Hindi word. It translates in English to mean ‘a fair’ or a coming together
of people in celebration. For Western North Carolina, Mela also means
one of the best Asheville bars.

Voted Best Place to Eat in Asheville NC for Indian Food

New restaurants pop up like carbonated bubbles in craft beer. So, what does it take
to become one of the best places to eat in Asheville NC?

Looking for the Best Lunch in Asheville?

Craving authentic Indian food? Mela borrows tastes from the plains of Punjab and
the Malabar coast to serve Western North Carolina a fanfare of Indian flavor.

Music at Mela: Downtown Destination for Asheville Music

Friday nights just got far more exciting. With the introduction of Music at Mela, downtown Asheville just gained another great spot to catch some live music.

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